Digital Identification

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Social Resoponsiblity Management

Personal Authentication 

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Private Information


public offer for commercialization of technology


Patent only free for joining 

exclusive Consortium or initiative organization

Common Digital Identification 


Electronic ID Card Authentication Project using Absolute Identifier & Switchable Identification Device



'Ahni' means poor, low social status, but generous and good-hearted people in Hebrew. AHNIST aims to share the value of honest's honesty and innocence by adding 'st' to this, which means goal to holiness, professional, etc.





The primary goal is to establish a Common Digital Identity ecosystem without discrimination of basic human rights. Contribute exclusive initiatives to commercialize technology and provide governance and technical standard guidelines for commercializing public interests in a variety of areas. The master plan is to implement a reputation and reward ecosystem for indie content production and social contribution behavior. 

Green Assessment Organization 


Responsibility Management Project using Environmental ID & Token Economy



AHNIST is Network Neutrality Laboratory focused on decentralization, journalism and token economy. It is also a NPE(Non-Practicing Entity) and IPE(Intellectual Property Enterpriser) that alternative designs digital governance and system. Our main business area is licensing of intellectual property(patent, trademark, technical document, etc.) related to system of digital identification, data ownership authentication, and transaction verification.

Business Area

our company




1. Indie Association : Digital System Integration Community based on Decentralized Authentication by Self Employed Individuals


2. Cooperative System : Digital Collaboration Solution Developer based on Individual Information and Personal Data


3. Enterprising Media : Digital Content Mediation Channel based on Proof of Copyright upon Content Chain

[organization] Executive Configuration & Decision-making Schematic

A. Identification based-on Electronic ID Card [H/W-centric authentication system]

- Proof of Existence algorithm system, self-sovereignty identification platform


 ※ Reference : Confidential Storage, Central Equipment Identity Register, TEE, DIDs

B. Personal Assessment based-on Content Wallet  [Terminal-centric reputation system]

-  Initial proposal and consensus based reward system, Evaluation scheme for Interpersonal platform


 ※ Reference : Behavioral Economics, Token Economy, Social Statistics, Gross National Happiness

C. Content medation based on Content Chain [P2P networking transaction system]

- Smart contract scheme through content wallet & original data, Indie content portal platform


 ※ Reference : Distributed Ledger Technology, Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, DAO

[subsidIary]  eXCLUSIVE SOLUTION developer